Karnataka Premier League 2017

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Karnataka Premier League 2017 Schedule, Squads, Players List



01 Sep: Hubli vs Belagavi, 7:00

02 Sep: Bengaluru vs Mysuru, 7:00

04 Sep: Mysuru vs Bijapur, 7:00

05 Sep: Namma vs Bellary, 7:00

06 Sep: Bengaluru vs Hubli, 3:00

07 Sep: Namma vs Bijapur, 7:00

08 Sep: Belagavi vs Bengaluru, 3:00

08 Sep: Hubli vs Namma, 7:00

09 Sep: Bellary vs Bijapur, 3:00

09 Sep: Mysuru vs Belagavi, 7:00

10 Sep: Bijapur vs Hubli, 3:00

10 Sep: Mysuru vs Bellary, 7:00

11 Sep: Bengaluru vs Namma, 7:00

12 Sep: Belagavi vs Bellary, 7:00

14 Sep, Hubli vs Mysuru, 7:00

15 Sep: Bijapur vs Bengaluru, 7:00

16 Sep: Belagavi vs Namma, 3:00

16 Sep: Bengaluru vs Bellary, 7:00

18 Sep: Belagavi vs Bijapur, 7:00

19 Sep: Namma vs Mysuru, 3:00

19 Sep: Hubli vs Bellary, 7:00

20 Sep: KPL 1st S-Final, 7:00

22 Sep: KPL 2nd S-Final, 7:00

23 Sep: KPL Final, 7:00


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