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Best Free Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one of the most followed game in the world today. Apart from Football, Tennis and certain other sports, Cricket has remained to be on the very top of the popularity charts. Some of the most iconic cricket tournaments are the ODI world cup, T20 world cup, IPL, etc. to name a few.

The different types of cricket matches on which you can place bets are:

  • Test Matches
  • T20 Matches
  • One Day Internationals: 50 overs format

An interesting fact to note is that you can now place bets on cricket matches as well. Certain cricket tournaments offer huge winning returns on bets placed on them. It’s not very difficult to master the art of cricket betting. In this article we shall be introducing you to a few free cricket betting tips which will guarantee you a winning in your next cricket match betting experience.

Some of the best free cricket betting tips are:

Make sure you know everything about the players, their playing styles, etc.

Yes this might sound a little generalized but keeping information about the players, their playing styles, etc. will definitely help you predict which team will perform the best. Based on your prior knowledge, you will be able to analyze match conditions, study the possible outcomes and finally, predict the winner from your calculations.

Make sure you know how to read the pitch and playing conditions

This is the area where the expert type of betters fare well. Successful betters tend to study the type of pitch which is being used in the match. An expert better will have the ability to predict whether the pitch will favor the batting team or the bowling team. This way you can even predict the possible outcome of the match in terms of the winning team as well.

Expect the unexpected

Drama is part and parcel pf IPL Betting Tips as an exciting sport. Hence, as a person wishing to place bets, you should be prepared to face dramatic turns in a match and always keep plan B so that you don’t end up losing the entire amount you have used as your betting money.

Make sure that you study the venue and past results on it

Before you end up placing a bet on any match, it is necessary to study the stats and past results on the ground on which the match is being played on. Past trends on that particular

Will offer you interesting clues when it comes to predicting the match winner, total score and of course, the run rate as well.

Do not treat betting as a full time profession

Though this seems like not an important point, but it’s always necessary to make sure that betting doesn’t overpower you. There could be situations when you could win and there could be days when you could lose, it’s all about accepting what comes your way. Expecting too much from it will only result is dissatisfaction.

These were some of the best free cricket betting tips which will ensure that your next betting experience will guarantee you great winnings in the future.

Best free cricket betting tips site in India

There are very few people who win every bet and there are very few people who lose every bet. This means, everyone gets a chance to try and win with his luck in cricket.

But there is a clear difference between those who win often and those who lose frequently – the understanding of cricket, handling the pressure and believing their gut. Those who do these three things end-up winning most of their bets.

Is there anything that ensures you will win every bet you place? Yes, there are a few. While betting in cricket, keep a few things in mind and you will be on the winning side most of the times.

Bet in your limits:

Losing a bet doesn’t cost you a fortune, but betting outside your limits and losing does. Remember, it’s important to understand your financial limits and staying within those. Never bet outside of your financial limits. Make sure to have ample money to recover the loss, and bet less than what you have in your pocket.

Read the streak:

There are some teams that have a habit of winning, such as India under the captaincy of Virat Kohli and Australia as usual. These teams have a never-say-die attitude, and fight till the last moment. One such team in IPL is Chennai Super Kings (CSK) that never loses the hopes until the last moment. While betting on such teams, you may trust these teams for their fight, spirit and attitude.

Trust your Gut:

We have seen many people who had a gut feeling for one team but changed their mind with situations. Eventually, they lost with disappointment because their heart was right. If you feel, even for a minute, that something has to happen, trust your gut and ask your luck to go with it. You will never regret.

Take measured risk:

It’s good to take risks but in a limited amount. It’s ok to listen to your brain or heart to go with a certain team but don’t forget your limits. Measure the amount of risk and loss before you chose to take any risk.

Look at the teams:

There are certain key players in every team, like Virat Kohli in India and AB De Villiers in RCB, who can change the match single handedly. But what if you find that ABD is out of the match after you have placed your money on RCB?

The key is – analyze the team before you put your money. Check the squad carefully and act accordingly.

Don’t lost hope:

The match isn’t over until the last ball has been bawled or the last batsman has been dismissed. Don’t lose your hope with current situations. In today’s rapid cricket matches, anything can change within an over. If you have decided to go with one result, stay with it. Don’t change your mind over and over again.

These are a few common cricket betting tips and IPL betting tips you may follow in each match. If you follow these carefully, you will more than often end-up on the winning side.

All the best for your betting.

Free Cricket Betting Tips to Make a Fortune

This is the season of cricket. IPL and Champions Trophy have just concluded and many more exciting battles are about to happen. Apparently, entertainment lovers will have a season full of entertainment and betting lovers will have a chance to make a fortune. But you may ask how to make this possible? Cricket Betting Tips Free is the way to make.

You might be wondering how some people make millions of dollars playing cricket betting, while others, like you, can hardly make any penny. The difference between pro betters and average betters is availability of free cricket betting tips. The pro players know how to get and use the best betting tips, and they make a fortune out of it.

Want to replicate the success of these pro players? We have the secret recipe for you. Get cricket betting tips for free from our expert analysts, who make accurate predictions all the times. While you are busy enjoying the game, we help you in moving your money around on the better team. Not a match in precision, every single moment matters for us and every single penny of yours matters for us. Needless to say, betting can never be more enjoyable and rewarding ever.

The season of cricket is on its peak. Grab the opportunity with both hands a make a fortune out of it – this time for sure…

Get Free IPL Betting Tips to Win Big

IPL Mega Event is just a few days away. Are you ready to be a part of one of the largest sports leagues in the world? But this time, do not be a spectator, be a player, because viewers pay and players get paid. With FREE IPL betting tips, you are sure to play big and win big.

Since its inception in the year 2008, IPL has become one of the largest sports leagues in the world, not just in the terms of rewards but also in the terms of betting. Thousands of people have changed their life, from bad to good, by betting in this billion-dollar event. Since cricket betting is still a controversial and risky business, most of the people like you are afraid of trying their luck. However, if you have the right skills and if you find the right partner, success is not hard-to-achieve.

This is where you need the best punters to help you out. There are thousands of people out there providing free cricket betting tips, but can you trust all of them? No, because if winning bets and making money was that simple, everyone would be doing the same. But is it really as complicated as everyone considers? Not really. There are people out there who are well-versed with the ins-and-outs of any game, and know what it takes to predict the result.

Your job is to find one such expert who can provide you with the best betting tips. Trust me, finding one such expert is really difficult. Every other person in the market claims to be the best in this work, but not everyone has the right skills, talent and mind to predict the outcomes. Playing with the wrong person does not only puts your chances of winning in danger but it also puts your hard-earned money in danger. So it’s better to say away from anyone claiming to be the best and play only with someone who has proved to be the best.

For instance, if you ask our experts about the outcomes, you will get the cricket betting tips that work every single time. There are no fake commitments and there are no useless advices to trap you. There is only one motive – to make you win as much as possible. That’s exactly what you need to focus on – someone who works to make you win, someone who thinks about your profit before his. There are very few experts able to make this happen, but if you are careful enough and know the right tricks to find the right person, you will surely find one.

So if you want to look for the best IPL betting tips for today match, you are at the right place. Play with the most trustworthy and acknowledged experts. Because for us, it is not about how many right predictions we make – it’s about how much profit you can make. And with us, you are sure to play big and win big.

3 IPL Betting Tips for Guaranteed Success

Not everyone likes to bet on cricket online. They are also very good at picking other people’s bets, so they may want to get cricket picks from punters who know what they are doing or bet on the internet. This will help new or experienced punters get better chances of winning when betting on IPL matches. But how can you know that you are finding good cricket tips? As you are now learning, this is simpler said than done.

Are there any good Cricket Betting Tips?

First of all, you need to look at is to write it down the basic tips given by the seasoned players. No matter how long it contains or what information it contains (although it is also important), as long as you read it carefully, it makes sense for you and it can generate possible advantages. If the author only said: “I like CSK to beat RCB,” then you can’t extrapolate from such little information. In this case, he should have a long record of winning bets to convince you of his instincts.

Is this information useful?

Now, when it comes to actual cricket betting tips, you should carefully read and assess whether you can get ideas and strengths from the information and analysis provided by the dealer. You don’t have to use the actual draft rights that have been posted, because you only need to use the information provided to decide what you want to bet and which team you want to back-up. This is usually the best approach because you don’t have to rely on anyone to bets on your behalf, but getting ideas from other referrers is not a bad idea.

Can information give us an advantage?

When you screen a cricket draft, you also need to consider how to use the free IPL betting tips to gain an advantage. Knowing which players are not playing may sometimes be very valuable information (when few people know this), and at other times when someone is injured for a long time, it may be almost useless (although it is known very well), everyone knows this, and the bookmaker may have taken this into account when calculating the odds. So, see if you can infer how the information you get is used to find the advantage in the market and the free tips you get.

Increase your chances of winning:

With free cricket betting tips provided by the most seasoned dealers, you may certainly increase your chances of winning. However, you may can not fully rely upon most of the dealers. Before you make the final decision, you have to scan the situations at your own end and assess whether or not the free IPL betting tips are worth following.

This is just a situation for the novice players. Once you get some experience, you may rely upon your dealers because your instincts will help you along. Follow these guidelines and you are all set to win big.

Cricket Betting Tips God Betting Guruji

The term ‘betting’ actually means ‘the action of gambling money as a result of some sport , race, tournament etc’. Cricket betting is more of like share market. A lot may agree to it a lot may not. Many factors are taken under consideration for betting but, still there is no assurance that you will hit the bull’s eye.

In general, it is seen people easily predict the winner in most of the matches, but there is no assurance to it that it would fetch them a huge profit. In that case both the team has to be ‘good team’, then there is a chance of earning profit. Betting requires correct strategy, accurate chalked out plan, sound knowledge of money management, endurance to learn and implement betting tips and consistency in understanding betting value better.

Due to increasing popularity cricket betting has become one of the most popular way or rather to say an easy way of earning money. Cricket betting tips can be really dicey. There are several tips and predictions that can be either profitable or a loss. All matters is how one judge that and makes his/her own way to earn profit. There are several tipsters over the internet giving several tips, but there is no assurance of that being a legitimate or a long term profitable cricket tipster. So all is one need to do is have belief in oneself, follow a proper legitimate profitable tipster, judge them logically and your work is half done. Enhance one’s strategy methodically by increasing your knowledge reading success stories, journals, articals etc.

Cricket betting is all about risk hidden in it, but it also a way  to fulfil people’s lust to earn money. Although it is risky and does not work out as conventional as it sounds. There is always the risk factor working of losing the bet along with the fun factor of winning it. At times it becomes really tough to maintain consistency in earning money along with the profit. To win the bet maintaining the profit margin one must follow every single cricket match or tournament and start self analysing. This method helps a lot in putting best bet and to win them. Market holds a leading position in cricket  betting . There is a common saying that one must know or measure the depth of the pool or pond before plunging in it. Precisely one must meticulously follow cricket betting market before indulging in cricket betting.


  •    First choose an authenticated betting site and get yourself registered in it.
  •    Select the mode of payment deposition.
  •    Deposit the money to be funded in the account you have registered.
  •   Learn about cricket bets, betting odds through articles, journals  etc.
  •    Plan things strategically, place your bets and finally become a pro cricket better.

The best resort to all of this and to enhance yourself keep following our page. We provide authenticated and updated betting tips and turn yourself to be a pro cricket-better. Stay tuned and good luck…