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Cricket Betting Tips God Betting Guruji

The term ‘betting’ actually means ‘the action of gambling money as a result of some sport , race, tournament etc’. Cricket betting is more of like share market. A lot may agree to it a lot may not. Many factors are taken under consideration for betting but, still there is no assurance that you will hit the bull’s eye.

In general, it is seen people easily predict the winner in most of the matches, but there is no assurance to it that it would fetch them a huge profit. In that case both the team has to be ‘good team’, then there is a chance of earning profit. Betting requires correct strategy, accurate chalked out plan, sound knowledge of money management, endurance to learn and implement betting tips and consistency in understanding betting value better.

Due to increasing popularity cricket betting has become one of the most popular way or rather to say an easy way of earning money. Cricket betting tips can be really dicey. There are several tips and predictions that can be either profitable or a loss. All matters is how one judge that and makes his/her own way to earn profit. There are several tipsters over the internet giving several tips, but there is no assurance of that being a legitimate or a long term profitable cricket tipster. So all is one need to do is have belief in oneself, follow a proper legitimate profitable tipster, judge them logically and your work is half done. Enhance one’s strategy methodically by increasing your knowledge reading success stories, journals, articals etc.

Cricket betting is all about risk hidden in it, but it also a way  to fulfil people’s lust to earn money. Although it is risky and does not work out as conventional as it sounds. There is always the risk factor working of losing the bet along with the fun factor of winning it. At times it becomes really tough to maintain consistency in earning money along with the profit. To win the bet maintaining the profit margin one must follow every single cricket match or tournament and start self analysing. This method helps a lot in putting best bet and to win them. Market holds a leading position in cricket  betting . There is a common saying that one must know or measure the depth of the pool or pond before plunging in it. Precisely one must meticulously follow cricket betting market before indulging in cricket betting.


  •    First choose an authenticated betting site and get yourself registered in it.
  •    Select the mode of payment deposition.
  •    Deposit the money to be funded in the account you have registered.
  •   Learn about cricket bets, betting odds through articles, journals  etc.
  •    Plan things strategically, place your bets and finally become a pro cricket better.

The best resort to all of this and to enhance yourself keep following our page. We provide authenticated and updated betting tips and turn yourself to be a pro cricket-better. Stay tuned and good luck…

which betting strategy is the most profitable

Betting is all about gambling. It is basically based on predictions put on a particular sport or tournament or any match and as an outcome money is earned placing bet on a particular team. Precisely betting is called match fixing.

With rising popularity cricket betting is mostly preferred these days. Basically what happens is that betters fund money or place bets legally through bookmakers and on the other hand illegally through private organisations to earn more profit. Cricket betting also led to enormous amount of scandals which affected the integrity maintained by the cricket associations.

Over the internet there are several methods of betting tips. Betting sounds a conventional term but does not go as easy as it sounds .But to win a bet or bets with consistency rules are needed to be followed along with proper methodologies or strategies.

In first case one must follow up with proper and authenticated betting sites and also along with it get signed up in that particular site. Amongst all betting sites 90% of these site are cost free to get registered with valid details like name, mail-id, bank details etc.

Secondly, after signing up with bank account accessible to it one can easily deposit the money to be funded for betting. It might also happen that the better is interested to bet from some private organisation to earn a huge profit margin then it might be a hard time in transaction of money. So, it would be a better place altogether to place bet from legal and authenticated betting site. Another important factor to be taken under consideration is to make a research of the deposit and withdrawal method in that particular site one dealing with. Everybody wants a convenient method to get along, so to get that way of convenience one must make sure that all types of money transaction method is available in that particular site one is dealing with.

Trust is one big thing in this case along with the reputation of the betting site. One’s security should be well looked after by oneself. This should be the first preference  atleast in this case. One must make sure of the fact that the betting site you are dealing with has a well maintained system to keep members privacy and is paying back the accurate amount of winning. Henceforth there’s a saying that you can bet confidently only if you are sure enough about the betting site or with whom you are dealing with.

Cricket betting can be both fun as well as the risk factor. It has both risk factors hidden in it and also paves way out for people to fulfill their lust for money. It is not a convenient task. One must meticulously follow matches, tournaments, read success stories, journals, articles, and place bets accordingly. Precisely, it is a strategically way of planning out bets and funding money keeping in mind the profit margin. So to be a pro better enhance yourself, start betting wisely and keep betting.

Get Best Cricket Betting Tips Free by Guruji

Welcome to Guruji Cricket Betting Tips Free for Fun & Entertainment

Free Cricket Betting Tips is one of the new website where you will get cricket betting tips for encouragement and cricket lovers, others fan. We just give a few thoughts for cricket related game as it were.At the point when and where which group is playing the world over about cricket Betting tips are accommodated us. This is not authentic in India, so we are not giving cricket betting tips in India we are putting forth this tips for those nations like, UK, Australia where it is lawful.

One can get enormous thoughts regarding Cricket tips from us. Its only for entertainment. On the off chance that you are searching for  Cricket betting Tips free then get in touch with us. We just offer this idea for Fun.

Cricket Betting Tips By God of Betting Guruji

May well be the best way to earn as you enjoy the sport that you are crazy after? Very well cricket happens to be a faith in our country which makes it the game where you could maximize out of it, while keeping an eye on the score. Cricket Betting Tips are the finest way to earn a good amount of money in some considerable less time. In this Blog, we are going to focus on certain ways and will teach you the features of using Cricket Betting Suggestions and that they benefit you in the longer run with both small.

 Top Tips Always Help

Ahead of you move ahead and take the Cricket betting Tips Free for first time, you need to understand that you have to take tips from someone who has all the knowledge on the same. A good tipster will make sure that he has taken all the factors into thought before giving you the right tip. This will also make certain you are not burning off huge amounts of money in the process. The first time betting person, he always bets using a tiny amount and even if the tip fails, he will not conclude using a major amount of money but also for someone who bets on regular basis and uses a major amount in the same, it becomes increasingly important that he uses the right Match Tips in order to minimize his risks.

 Cricket Session Tricks for Every One

Cricket betting Tips and program tips do provide you options to place your wagers in the way you want them. There is no signified entry or exist points you need to take part in and the guess slot that you are comfortable with can be chosen by you. Our tips provide you overall flexibility to enter and leave with the amount of money you desire to betting with. This is absolutely important for somebody who hasn’t located a betting in the life ever and wants to try it for the ever first time. We do also assure that our tips are well researched and this automatically reduces the risk of your located betting and you could be certain to win the guess each and every time you place it using our Cricket Betting Suggestions.Category: Uncategorized

The craze of cricket betting is on peak when the season started over

Whether you select for betting into an offshore Internet site a local bookie or a casino for Cricket betting, you always in need of better predictions. There are many local bet areas also, which are specifically designed for those who don’t choose to go to a heavy place. Routine wise, when the cricket world cup or twenty, twenty cricket tournaments started the publicity of betting is published in many popular sites, newspaper, inside sports channel or in the cable network. Basically, some people think that becomes a gambler is the best way of earning money.

However, cricket is always a passionate game for every person and there are millions of cricket fans available from older to young one. People are crazy about watching this game, as a result, more and more betting arises. You can get free cricket betting tips from any website. Before choosing for betting, you need to know first about the important tips of how you consider for cricket betting:

Manage your money properly: before you start betting, you need to manage your money. You can also take an advice from sports consultant or professional gamblers. When you manage properly your money, you can get easily afford loss.

Don’t exist any locks: those who watch the cricket event can realize easily about the winning or losing team difference. It can be infinitesimally small against the spread. Cricket is a game which is totally turn around between two teams, but you may find a different scenario in the different game.

Choose the right time for betting: some people betting before a few minutes of the match, and as a result, they face loss when they lose their relevant bet. If you are a professional gambler or you are choosing a specific place then you can bet before the time comes. Also, you can get the heavy points when you can bet a week before the match.

Calculate the successful probabilities: most of us, face losses when they don’t consider to bother probabilities. Make a proper target of focusing on the game or each level. How can you succeed? Get the potential winning probabilities like you have to gather the people predictions also choose the free cricket prediction tips, which is available before the match started.

Research on the sports service: like sports channel, and betting website. Mostly sports service or match conversation is specially arranged for the purpose of gather prediction about the team’s member. As we all knew it’s a game of win and loss. When you have proper research, you can claim about the realistic winning percentage and bet on it.

Choose the best website: today, thousands of websites are offering the cricket betting service, choose that one which you think it is best. All of you need to make a betting account in which your specific details like bank account number and personal information are included. Just you need to choose your team and betting on it.