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Get Accurate Free Cricket Betting Tips and Live Score Updates by GURUJI

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  1. Betting Limit: Always do betting with in a limit. Before betting you should set your bet limit amount. 
  1. Weather Forecast: Weather forecasting information always saves you from unwanted loss. 
  1. Price Check: Before betting check the price then bet. 
  1. Past Scoreboard:Analysis of Past Scoreboard always gave a good idea in betting. 
  1. Fitness of Players: Performance of player depends on their fitness. You should be aware about their fitness before starting of the match. 
  1. Pitch Report: Through Pitch Report you can analyse who will perform well on the pitch batsman or bowler. 
  1. Cool and Calm: Never lose your patience between the game or flow whole money in one time. 
  1. Rational Decision: After thinking about all pros and cons and situation decision taken by you are call Rational Decisions.

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