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Free cricket betting tips predictions

Are you looking forward to start a career in cricket betting and wish to receive the best Free cricket betting tips predictions, then CBTF is the perfect place for you. We have formed a team of the very best cricket betting experts who have had years of experience in this field. We offer the very Free cricket betting tips predictions which will help you place bets which will result in instant winning amounts. Read on to find out more!

What makes cricket special?

Cricket is an exciting game in itself. It is best known for its zeal and intense nature which makes it one of the most followed games in the world. We at CBTF believe that cricket betting is a great way to earn money as a lot of people follow cricket as a sport. What makes this game truly special is that it offers a sense of excitement which no other sport can possibly offer.

Cricket betting

Betting in sports has been transformed into a very ardently followed activity. Not only is its very fun to do but also very profitable as well. There are a wide variety of cricket betting platforms which allow betting on various cricket matches played around the world. Hence, if you wish to start betting on cricket matches, you can use the CBTF website to gather the very best Free cricket betting tips predictions which will guide you to placing bets rather smartly and not just blindly.

Free cricket betting tips predictions

In this section, we shall be introducing you to the very best Free cricket betting tips predictions which have been formulated to give you a guiding path to the world of cricket betting. You really don’t have to be a professional to place cricket bets as it’s rather easy and easy to do so. Here are a few of the very best Free cricket betting tips predictions:

  • Make sure you follow all the latest cricket trends and happenings. By keeping yourself updated with the latest information surrounding cricket matches will help you place strategic and calculated bets on matches. This approach is a very smart approach and is not a mere guessing game which most people think cricket betting is all about.
  • Make sure you place your bets on reputed betting sites. There are a wide variety of scam betting sites which end up fooling people. This in turn results in people losing all their money. Hence, it’s important to do a thorough background check on the betting platform you use to place your cricket bet.
  • It’s sometimes bold to place a bet on the non-favorite team. There could be chances that a non-favorite could end up winning the match which could result in high winnings for you on your cricket bet.
  • Always make sure that you don’t put all your money on one single bet. By putting small amounts on multiple bets is a much safer move as one single bet could lead to you losing all your money in one go.


These were some of the very best Free cricket betting tips predictions which will help you post impressive winning on your next cricket bet. Make sure you visit the CBTF website to keep yourselves updated with the best Free cricket betting tips predictions by CBTF.



When it comes to sports, the most notable names which sprout up are football, Cricket, Formula 1, etc. amongst a host of other most followed sports. Cricket has over the years, turned out to be the most followed sport in the world. It is down to its exciting yet immersive viewer experience which no other sport provides.

There are different types of cricket formats which are played around the world namely ODIs, Test matches and T20 internationals. T20 matches are a latest addition to the cricketing fraternity and is the most in demand format today.

Betting in Cricket

When it comes to betting, cricket is no outsider. People place bets on the biggest cricket matches played around the world and at the end of the day, take home a handsome winning amount as well. However, cricket betting must be approached strategically and hence, we have provided you with some free cricket betting tips which will help you place smart bets in cricket matches.

Free cricket betting tips

In this section you will find a number of IPL 2019 Betting Tips which will help you while placing bets and in the end, will guarantee you great winnings while betting in cricket. They are as follows:

tip #1

Cricket is never a game of luck. You must always research well about the most important of parameters such as pitch condition, batsman form, team form, past history, etc. to name a few. Gathering such information will not only help you have an edge over your competition, but will also help you make smart decisions before you place a bet. Cricket is a very unpredictable game and hence, this kind of information could prove out to be helpful in pre determining who could be the eventual winner of the match.

tip #2

Always place bets on a trusted betting site. Since there is money involved in betting, chances are that there could be scams on the prowl. Hence, make sure that your research well about the betting sites on the internet and always choose the one which is authentic and at the same tie guarantees you a good winning amount at the end.

Tip #3

Never ever rely on your intuition while placing a bet. A strategic approach to betting is always the best approach to betting. Make sure you get your calculations right and at the same time, work out all the information you’ve gathered from your research before you plan on placing a bet on a cricket match.

Tip #4

Never place bets on one single match. Placing multiple bets is always safer as you don’t known which bet you could end up losing. Certain bets might win for you and certain might be loses for you. Losing a small amount is always safer than losing everything which could be a possibility when you place all your money on a single bet.

Tip #5

Betting should never be treated as a source of income. Have fun while doing it but don’t rely on it as a monetary source as it could spell disaster in case you lose a bet.


These are some of the best free cricket betting tips which will certainly help you turn your bet into a winning amount!

Best Free Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one of the most followed game in the world today. Apart from Football, Tennis and certain other sports, Cricket has remained to be on the very top of the popularity charts. Some of the most iconic cricket tournaments are the ODI world cup, T20 world cup, IPL, etc. to name a few.

The different types of cricket matches on which you can place bets are:

  • Test Matches
  • T20 Matches
  • One Day Internationals: 50 overs format

An interesting fact to note is that you can now place bets on cricket matches as well. Certain cricket tournaments offer huge winning returns on bets placed on them. It’s not very difficult to master the art of cricket betting. In this article we shall be introducing you to a few free cricket betting tips which will guarantee you a winning in your next cricket match betting experience.

Some of the best free cricket betting tips are:

Make sure you know everything about the players, their playing styles, etc.

Yes this might sound a little generalized but keeping information about the players, their playing styles, etc. will definitely help you predict which team will perform the best. Based on your prior knowledge, you will be able to analyze match conditions, study the possible outcomes and finally, predict the winner from your calculations.

Make sure you know how to read the pitch and playing conditions

This is the area where the expert type of betters fare well. Successful betters tend to study the type of pitch which is being used in the match. An expert better will have the ability to predict whether the pitch will favor the batting team or the bowling team. This way you can even predict the possible outcome of the match in terms of the winning team as well.

Expect the unexpected

Drama is part and parcel pf IPL Betting Tips as an exciting sport. Hence, as a person wishing to place bets, you should be prepared to face dramatic turns in a match and always keep plan B so that you don’t end up losing the entire amount you have used as your betting money.

Make sure that you study the venue and past results on it

Before you end up placing a bet on any match, it is necessary to study the stats and past results on the ground on which the match is being played on. Past trends on that particular

Will offer you interesting clues when it comes to predicting the match winner, total score and of course, the run rate as well.

Do not treat betting as a full time profession

Though this seems like not an important point, but it’s always necessary to make sure that betting doesn’t overpower you. There could be situations when you could win and there could be days when you could lose, it’s all about accepting what comes your way. Expecting too much from it will only result is dissatisfaction.

These were some of the best free cricket betting tips which will ensure that your next betting experience will guarantee you great winnings in the future.